Tuesday, 22 July 2014

I'd like you to meet Hannah

 Liberal Democrats
I'd like you to meet Hannah.
Hannah is a 21 year old whose ex-partner did something terrible to her - but at the moment the law says his actions aren't a crime.
Watch Hannah tell her story and how she was affected by what was done to her:
Watch Hannah tell her story
Unless we change the law, Hannah and thousands of people like her are powerless to stop their ex-partners' actions.
Pleaseshow your support for a change in the law by backing our campaigntoday.
Julian Huppert MP

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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Closing the gender pay gap

 Liberal Democrats

Shockingly, in 2012 women were paid nearly 20% less than their male colleagues. It is an unacceptable difference and one the Liberal Democrats are determined to tackle.
Today we're announcing plans to require large companies to publish the difference in pay between male and female workers. This will create pressure from staff and customers to close any pay gap and deliver real equality in the workplace.
Unequal pay is a concern for both women and men. The principle of equality is one our party holds dear, and in practice women earning less reduces household budgets up and down the country. Over a lifetime the lost earnings can be tens of thousands of pounds.
So, I do hope you will add your name to our campaign to deliver equal pay in the workplace.
The pay gap has several causes. In Government we are working to encourage wider career choices for young women so that they are not concentrated in lower paid roles and sectors of our economy. Our radical shake up of the workplace is aimed at ensuring flexible working is seen as the norm. It means that parents can share leave after a baby is born and will help deal with the element of the pay gap attributed to women having more time out of the labour market.
But part of the answer is about employers taking responsibility for their pay policies, and analysing any gaps that exist. Making large companies with over 250 employees publish the average pay of their male and female staff will create transparency about the gender pay gap. Women should be given the same opportunities and be properly rewarded for their work - it's as simple as that.
Please support our campaign to make large companies publish what they pay men and women, to help make equal pay a reality.
Best wishes,
Jo Swinson, signature
Jo Swinson MP

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Co-Op Site, Houghton Regis - Petition Handed In

A petition calling for provision to be made for a social club in Houghton Regis  was handed in this morning by Cllr Alan Winter on behalf of Liberal Democrats.

The petition calls upon Central Bedfordshire Council to make provision for social club premises in its re-development plans for the Co-op site, Houghton Regis.

Online signatures totalled 322. A further hand-written collection of 205 signatures were also handed in. 

Friday, 13 June 2014

Student Fees

Student fees are often thought to be a point of annoyance. But the amount repayable under the current arrangements is actually far  fairer than it was under Labour.
And watch this video: Martin Lewis, 'money-saving-expert' explains the new system  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpgFYNcz54M